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Your Day in the Lab
"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can
make for our children." - Sitting Bull
What to expect

You will be able to stay with your child for the entire visit, and you can expect it to take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. The study consists of three short sessions.

1. While sitting in a car seat, your child will be presented with pictures of faces on a computer monitor. A specialized camera will track and record your child’s eye movements (~10 minutes).

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2. Next, we will video record interactions between you and your child as you convey different facial expressions, play “peek-a-boo”, point to various objects in the room, and as we call your child’s name (~ 5 minutes).
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3. Lastly, while sitting on your lap your child will be presented with pictures of moving dots on two computer monitors directly in front of them. They will be video recorded as they watch the monitors for two 1.5 minute intervals (~ 5 minutes).
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For detailed bus and transit information, please click on the link:

From the EAST (Toronto/Niagara):
Take the 403 to downtown Hamilton. Exit on the Main Street West off ramp and make a left at the traffic lights. See below for directions once on Main Street.

From the WEST (London/Brantford):
Take the 403 into downtown Hamilton. Take the Aberdeen Street exit onto Longwood. Turn left onto Main Street West. See below for directions once on Main Street.

Once on Main Street:
Enter the campus via the university’s Main Street entrance (across from Emerson) on your right. Turn left at first opportunity; do not follow the street that leads towards the front of the hospital. Keep driving until the first stop sign. The Psychology building will be on your left, and a researcher should be standing outside with a bright orange sign that reads: Rutherford Lab. There are 3 parking spots right out front of our building where you can park for free.

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